Microsoft Motocross Madness Appeals To The Masses

Motocross Madness from Microsoft can be purchased on the Xbox Live Arcade for around $10. Is it worth it? Well, maybe. This is not the old school Motocross Madness from Rainbow Studios, but a completely different game. This is an avatar Xbox game which means you can play the game using your pre-existing avatars that have been created on your Xbox. Avatars are fun because with the famestar feature you can collect points and make your avatar a superstar.

You can choose a variety of bikes from the garage, but you have to earn enough credits to get the cooler motorcycles. You can also equip your avatar with your choice of riding gear, which is fun. They make it a little goofy. For instance, you can choose a football helmet or a cowboy hat instead of a traditional dirt bike helmet. My favorite has to be the hazmat mask instead of a helmet!

Because of the general goofiness, this game will appeal to the masses, but probably is not going to be a hit amongst the motocross community because it is far from a realistic simulation of motocross racing. In addition to the unrealistic attire, the jumps and boosts you can achieve are physically impossible. On the other hand, that makes it fun as more of a fantasy type game which will make it a great one for many people.

Killer Sound For Mobile Motorcycle Gaming

Have you ever been playing a game on your phone or tablet while traveling in a car or boat and wanted to see if you could patch the audio through the vehicle stereo system while you play? The tiny little speaker on your device is all well and good, but it would be great to hear the rumble of the exhaust for your motorcycle avatar and hear the thump of the cool music.

Boat stereos like the ones on this site and car stereos are very similar and are often manufactured in the same factories. The main difference is that a marine stereo system will have waterproofing and UV resistance, but they function almost exactly the same. That makes it easy to connect your game device to either one because it works the same.

Most current model mobile stereos will have a 3.5 mm audio input jack on the faceplate. It is the same size as the headphone jack on most phones and iPods. All you need is a cable with a male plug on both ends in order to connect your device to the stereo. Plug one end into the headphone jack and the other into the faceplate jack and you are good to go.

Some stereos have RCA inputs on the back which are more like you would see on a typical home stereo system. A lot of game consoles use RCA jacks as well, so all you would need to do is plug it in. Most mobile gaming systems don’t use RCA jacks so you will need some kind of adapter (3.5 mm to RCA). You can pick something like that up at Radio Shack or similar.

Many older stereos don’t have any method of audio input at all, but you can still use you gaming system with them. You will need, what is called an FM modulator in order to broadcast your game sound through the stereo’s FM radio. The best ones make a physical connection with the stereo antenna in order to produce static free sound.

By contrast, many of the newest stereos are Bluetooth compatible, so if you have a gaming device that has Bluetooth connectivity, you can potentially stream your game sound directly to the stereo wirelessly.

Motocross Nitro Best Free Online Motorcycle Game

Beware! Motocross Nitro may create a moto-speed monster out of you! This highly addictive game for mobile devices like iPod, Android, etc. has to be one of the best motorcycle games you will find on the internet. Check out the video above to see the gameplay.

There is a wide variety of terrains to choose from and you can customize your motorcycle to best suit each course. Once your bike is customized to it’s peak efficiency, you can challenge opponents to different types of races including sprints, and freestyle competitions. Show off your mad bike skills as you race to the win!

The more you win, you unlock new levels with more challenging terrain and also available upgrades to your moto-machine. This is about as close to real motorcycle racing on your phone! Start your engines!